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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

  Pahoa Lava Hike
Kilauea Iki crater with Halemaumau venting in background These are two separate adventures more than 30 road miles apart.Pahoa Lava Hike area and surface conditions.

Webcam on Kilauea's Halemaumau crater, with its elevated Sulphur Dioxide degassing


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Adventure Tour

Leaving Hilo, we climb 3000ft as the roadside scene changes from sea level vegetation and coconut trees to lush rain forest, Kahili Ginger and regular flowering Ginger plants in profusion. Take in natures most exquisite beauty at our first stop (and ultra clean bathrooms), Akatsuka Orchid Farm .  We then travel a few more miles to 4000 ft and the Volcanoes National Park, walk through Thurston Lava tube, see Kilauea Iki crater where lava once fountained thousands of feet skyward, stand next to steaming vents and discover remarkable formations throughout the park. Our last stop will be Halemaumau Crater and Jaggar Museum where you will see the billowing smoke slowly start to glow from a lava lake below the surface as the sun sets. From the beauty of the rainforests flora and fauna to the devastation at Halemaumau Crater, this is a part of Hawaii you'll always remember. Make A Reservation Today
$85 - Regular per person price
$65 - Arnott's Lodge Hotel Guest Price

(Subject to two nights minimum stay)
Plus 4.16% Gross Excise Tax
(No Children under 10, sorry)

Pahoa Lava Hike
Price: $175 per person, $182.29 with tax

There has been no visitable Red Lava flows in the upper National Park for several years, current flows are at an area called Pahoa, 30 road miles away. Hikes to Lava flows are tough, high endurance, up to 6 mile round trip ventures with a high risk of injury if you fall, and are organised by local residents crossing private property for which they have permission. These hikes are currently available through Ahiu Hawaii. If you are lodging with us pick up is available for their lava hike tours. Price is $175 per person plus tax. This includes walking stick, water, snacks and head lamps. Call us for tour departure time. You may call to make reservations through our Front Desk at 808-339-0921. Both prices and duration of these hikes change with conditions.

lava flowing at Hawaii Volcano National Park

Current Kilauea Conditions

  • Hikes can have steep trail grades and volcanic fumes and are not recommended for children under 10 years old.
  • Carrying infants on Lava risks both the infant and the parents life, so we do not allow children younger than 10 years old.
  • Reliable closed toe and heel footwear like sneakers are required also appropriate clothing to protect you if you fall. Long pants a sleeved shirt and gloves will help protect those less confident walkers./li>
  • Those with previous leg or foot injuries are advised not to do Lava hikes as constant surface angle change can re-aggrevate injuries.
  • A store stop will be made for water and snacks, keeping properly hydrated is essential.
  • These hikes have to cover some distance, all hikers must be able to retain a good pace over rough ground.
  • Most common "injury" is sunburn, please bring a hat and sunscreen.
Massive Lava channels from the Mauna Ulu eruption on our alternate hike route Mauna Ulu Lava channel toward current eruption site Thurston Lava tube in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.   Kalapana Lava burning along a now covered road as it advances.  Entrance to Volcanoes National Park

Please note: Due to changing meeting places and times as the eruptions sometimes affect traffic patterns, it is essential that persons with advance reservations contact us at least a week ahead of their hike to reconfirm times and places and give us their contact information. If you are booking far in advance be sure to check this site time to time and use your refresh button to get latest information..

While we take pains to keep information current, this notice may be inaccurate due to unfolding events. To assure your tour time, and place in the van, please reconfirm the day before your tour. 808-339-0921 between 8am and 8pm Hawaii Standard time.

* * The above tour description is a generalization of average activities, the actual tour may change in response to weather, seasons, daylight and guide preferences. Roads may close in response to Lava flows or threatened major eruptions. Lava sometimes stops for days or weeks at a time or becomes too distant to reach. Arnotts Lodge is not responsible for these events, provides alternative tours in other parts of the Park, and no refunds will be given.

Reservations, to be confirmed must be guaranteed by credit card or advance payment. 48 hours notice of cancellation is required and you may be charged if an otherwise full seat is left empty because we turned others away.

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