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Arnott's Lodge and Hiking Adventures accepts all major credit cards.
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  • Many travelers come direct to Arnott's Lodge and plan the rest of their Big Island and Hawaii vacation from our large pool of information on other Lodges, Hotels, Islands and activities and by exchanging information with travelers who have just enjoyed where you are going.

    Reservation Considerations:
    • Full service hotel check in, tour bookings, information, etc 7:30am to 9:45pm. Our desk closes at 10:00pm.
    • No hotel check in after 9:45pm as late arrivals disturb sleeping guests.
    • Credit card guarantees held until 9:00pm, after which hotel rooms may be sold, unless call received.
    • Tenters must also arrive by 9:45pm, present ID and pay in advance.
    • Any late arrival must obtain telephone permission, as late check in may not be available. Our great prices are partly made possible by "No Frills" service, which ends at 10pm.

Credit Card Guarantee Policy:
We anticipate your timely arrival and enjoyment of our accommodations and expeditions. A tiny percentage of our reservations fail to arrive and dispute the guarantee being placed on their card. In order that you have a full understanding we are required to have a Policy.

A credit card guarantee is a two way street ..... We guarantee that we will hold a room or expedition seat for you and you guarantee that you will pay.

Our Lodge is a popular destination with wonderful expeditions so if you do not arrive and do not give us sufficient (48 hours) cancellation notice we lose that nights revenue and an opportunity that could have been given to another guest. Our policy is to charge you the full guarantee of one nights stay or expedition..

As we are a small facility, late cancellation or no show of groups or multi room reservations can have a severe impact. In these cases, we reserve the right to charge whatever we cannot recover by resale of the space, up to the full amount of the reservation. Group reservations are generally subject to a 50% non refundable deposit.

Normally your card will not be charged until you check-in or we collect the guarantee, however in certain cases where the Hotel is running at high occupancy, we will charge your card up to 48 hours in advance for one night and for any tours you have booked, this assures us that we have your card number correct and that it is still valid, some people's lives change dramatically during the life of a reservation and they forget to cancel. An invalid or "refused" card automatically cancels the reservation.

Please note that upon check in, when your credit card is charged it must be in your name and match your identification. As is common Hotel policy, we do not accept second party credit cards.

Those who wish to pay cash must pay a security deposit of between $100 and $300 cash, which will be fully refunded after the room is checked. Checkout for cash deposits must be during regular office hours.

Submission of this form constitutes your "Signature" that you agree to the above Considerations and Policy and that you give us your permission to charge your card.

Please click on the "I Agree" button to indicate that you understand and agree to the above conditions to continue.

Merrie Monarch Hula Festival 2015 Reservations CANNOT be made through this page...for any date between Sunday April 5th and Saturday April 12th.....GO HERE.

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