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About Arnott's Lodge - What It Is and What It's Not

Trip Advisor Award-winning hotelOur newest category Deluxe Suite

As part of our constant upgrade and improvement of the Lodge we have converted Room Deluxe 1 to a self contained suite.
As one of the larger Deluxe Units it was none the less the only one separated from the kitchen and living room that all other Deluxes share.
So in a major move we converted it to have its own self contained mini kitchen and a large beautiful counter with stools.This suite has a delightful high vaulted ceiling and parking is immediately outside the unit.

This new category will rent for $99 a night plus Hawaii State taxes of 13.416%.

Spacious Deluxe SuiteDeluxe kitchen areaAir conditioned comfort
Trip Advisor Award-winning hotel Arnott's, the positive affect of Trip Advisor and our #2 Hotel ranking in Hilo
When Trip Advisor began to have an impact on the travel industry, we were not getting good ratings and it became obvious that we were adhering too much to the "budget" and "affordable" price range by selecting the wrong kind of staffers and not training or inspecting their work adequately....this saved money and kept inexpensive prices but it generated complaints....which we saw on Trip Advisor.. We appointed new Hotel Management with a free reign to develop a comprehensive housekeeping and inspection program...we also upgraded rooms and common areas and created whole new categories to suit the evolving "recession" mode which travel is in.. The result was increasingly good ratings on Trip Advisor, and now we have been given this #2 Hotel in Hilo award....which really belongs to Manager Glory and her hard working staff!

Information Summary Information Summary
Secure Reservations may be made on-line, by E-Mail, or mailing us with your Credit Card Number, Billing Name, Address, Telephone Number, Credit Card Expiration Date and Signature. We require at least 48 hours cancellation notice or we will charge you if we cannot sell the room.

We have:
  • A range of accommodations from our private bath, air-conditioned "ensuites" and our affordable "Semi Privates" to backpacker dorm new options and tent spaces..
  • Camping on our large lawn area, tenters use flush toilets and special covered outdoor showers. We encourage neatness in use of facilities so that all guests enjoy our space.
  • A large covered entertainment area with lots of chairs, tables and evening lamplight, that allow you to sit with other guests and chat, or sit privately to write home, read or catch up on postcards.
  • Relax in our movie room

  • Free Internet access and WIFI access 24/7 and a new laptop/cellphone charging area.
  • A large lattice enclosed gazebo with an array of wall maps to inform you about our Island.
  • 55 inch Hi Def TV with HBO Free movies in the gazebo and a 47 inch on the patio for sports and news.
  • A highly tropical surrounding, beautiful garden and lawns, and landscaping around our huge Lychee tree. We are only 200 yards from a small white coral beach and the magnificent lava coastline.
  • Secluded Beach Park near Arnott's Lodge Budget Hawaiian Paradise Beautiful Hawaii Beaches

    $2County bus service passes by hourly, except Sunday or use our inexpensive bicycles.

    Arnott's Lodge World Famous BBQ Arnott's Lodge: Travel Information We have laundry facilities at $2 per wash including liquid soap and $2 to dry.  We also have a "Fresh Grind" coffee vending machine with excellent coffee and a soda machine offering other beverage choices such as juice, water, iced coffee and of course, Coke, Sprite and other favorites.

     For those with rental cars who wish to visit other parts of the island  go to our Links page..

    Our own daily world famous adventures are described in an accompanying section. Mauna Kea is banned by rental car companies due to damages to vehicles and accidents due to failed brakes. So even if you have a car, leave space in your schedule for these great adventures because most of it requires specific knowledge of places that are not on any map and require a guide. Please note expedition times vary seasonally and in response to changing lava flows, so be sure to check times by calling or E-Mailing. Our earliest departure is 9:00am. our latest 2:00pm. On your day of arrival try to get to Hilo in time to partake in the days expedition.

    Hilo town is a mix of old and new with a good selection of supermarkets, modern stores and a Mall. Old Hilo town is in the midst of change, has great museums, a great Farmers Market on Wednesday and Saturdays and many restaurants covering a reasonable range of cuisine and prices..

    The $2County Bus, our bicycles and our practice of stopping at a market outbound for expeditions, allow our guests to get their daily food needs. More substantial fare may be obtained at a neighborhood store about 800 yards away. There are many stores and major markets within a few minutes drive for our car renters.

    Hilo, of course has large Supermarkets catering to every conceivable food need.

    Our office hours are:
    • Office 7:30 am to 7:00 pm - All Services, Rooms, Tours, General advice.
    • 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm - Room Check in only, Tours etc will be handled the following morning.
    • After 10:00pm -Desk closed, No check in, except tenters who may set up and pay in the morning.
    • Daily 11:00am- Checkout. (Late checkout to noon $10)
    • Daily 3:00pm- Checkin begins.
    Say Aloha to Christy and Alohilani when you check in at the front desk.
    Our friendly staff is there to greet you and help your stay be a wonderful one

    No check-ins or business is conducted before 7:30 am. Please check in by 9:45pm, after that reservations will not be held unless you call us, no check ins after 10:00 pm. If you have early flights out we can arrange an early pick up by taxi at your cost. Downtown Bus service is available all day except Sunday. Checkout time is 10:00 am.

    With the near universal spread of cellphones we do not have any phone access to guests, our public phones are outgoing only and we are not staffed to take or deliver messages. If you are involved in urgent matters and do not have a cellphone, may we suggest a full service Hotel.

    Arnott's Lodge - What It Is and What Its Not! Arnott's Lodge - What It Is and What Its Not!
    The Lodge is run by its founder - Doug Arnott, Glory Guerpo, our Hotel manager, and a small dedicated staff who work hard so you can have fun.

    What It Is:
    A high energy, fun, international Hotel with rooms for regular guests, dorm space for backpackers, daily expeditions, gathering areas, lamplight patio, a large movie room with cable movies, vending for drinks snacks and good coffee and extensive grounds for your pleasure. It is located near a beautiful wilderness coastline that is a must to visit, with turtles year round and whales seasonally. We created the lodge for international travelers on a budget who are out to have fun and share their adventures.

    We maintain a secure format where mothers in London or Sydney or school and college groups can send their daughters and sons with confidence...for this reason we are hard on anyone caught with drugs or who becomes drunk..

    If your idea of a good time is to party till 2:00am and get drunk please stay elsewhere.

    It is also available for interstate and local travelers who are easy going and fit into our format.

    What It's Not:

    • Arnott's Lodge may not suit those who like luxury full service hotels or who expect lotion, shampoo and a cotton robe in their room.
    • We have great prices but "no frills" service. We do not have baggage service, please pack what you can carry.
    • It is not for people who use drugs or consume alcohol to excess, or have "problems" and do not want to join in the fun.
    • We do not take long stays, preferring to have a constant turnover of interesting guests being energized by their discoveries, there is a 7 day stay limit although genuine travelers with an onward ticket may request an extension, at our discretion.
    • Arnott's is not for people who have no cellphone etiquette, if you are an inconsiderate person who yells on their cellphone in public places, please go elsewhere.
    We Do Not Have:
    • Air conditioning except in deluxe rooms, we have fans in every room.
    • Telephones in rooms as everyone has cellphones these days.
    • 24 hour front desk, wake-up calls, daily linen service, phone message or fax service.
    • Late partying or disturbing others... our guests are adventurers who rise early to visit the wonders of Hawaii.
    If what we are is to your liking - - WELCOME - - you join over 120,000 happy travelers who have enjoyed our Lodge over its 20 years of existence..

    If it is not to your liking there are several concrete and glass conventional Hotels in Hilo at double our prices.

    And you can still take our "Great Expeditions". Arnott's Lodge is set up to make your stay as enjoyable as possible at the most reasonable cost.

    We look forward to seeing you!!

    Relax after your adventures in our entertainment area

    Merrie Monarch Hula Festival 2013

    Merrie Monarch Hula Festival 2014... UPDATE April 16th 2014

    Main competition dates for 2014 are Thursday April 24th through Saturday April 26th, however most guests arrive for the "Free" night on Wednesday April 23rd. Please note that the majority of our space is taken by one Halau (Hula Troupe) and that we DO NOT take reservations through our reservations page for the festival.

    We have have some Deluxe Rooms and 6 beds in each of the male and female dormitories available. There will be tent space available at REGULAR prices, on the clear understanding that NO cooking or refrigeration will be available to Tenters at this time. Dormitory kitchens will NOT be available as they are normally. The Halau has priority use of the patio area meaning tenters may use the vending area, the lawn area and the tenter showers and toilets only.

    Anyone whose reservation is accepted for Merrie Monarch, must clearly understand that at this time the Festival RULES complaints about late night noise, or mass movements of people will be entertained..if you are here for Merrie Monarch you must be a part of Merrie Monarch.

    Wednesday April 23rd through Saturday April 26th...rates will be approximately two times our regular rates.

    You may send a reservation inquiry to, and we will post updates to this page from time to time to let you know what is available

    Mahalo for your interest in Merrie Monarch 2014.

    Hawaii State taxes for Transitory Accommodation and Gross Excise, approx 15% will be added to above prices.

    Those wishing to arrive ahead of April 23rd can be accommodated at regular rates provided they are aware we will be busy preparing for Merrie Monarch, cleaning and painting common areas.

    Arnott's leads the way with Green innovation. Arnott's Lodge leads the way with Green innovation.
    While many large hotels and our visitors bureau are now claiming all kinds of "Green" initiatives, here at Arnott's Lodge we were the first hotel with all solar hot water, the first with 100% CFL (compact florescent) lighting and now are again leading the way with all LED security lighting. As an example our Deluxe units building, office and Van storage are all on one July and August of 2008 we consumed between 44 and 45 KWH per day for a cost of $560 to $606 per month.. our latest bill for the same area used 23 KWH per day at a cost of $214. We are very handy and do most installation ourselves...while most are still installing CFL we are embracing the future with LED technology.

    We of course have re-cycling stations for all recyclable material which is regularly taken to county recycling sites.

    Our roofs are painted reflective white to deflect solar heat buildup and minimize need for air-conditioning.

    Doug, Arnott's Lodge's owner, is currently gathering knowledge on photovoltaic electric generation with a view to further lowering our carbon footprint.

    Of interest, Hawaii Island derives some 30% of its power from Geothermal sources and about 10% from wind energy, various biomass burning plants are proposed to use up huge resources of Eucalyptus, however none has passed permitting yet as this is still a polluting energy source. Puna Geothermal is set to increase capacity however it is artificially restrained by a coalition of supposedly Green organizations who have blocked further development on the unfounded fear that cheap electricity will bring some industrial plant to Hawaii !! As a result we still have the United States most expensive electricity currently around .52 cents per kilowatt hour.

    New vending area includes great fresh ground coffee & snacks... Vending area has fresh ground Coffee and Sodas, with Snacks at our front desk. A great selection of treats in our vending area
    In our quest to bring ever better facilities for our guests, we have a fresh grind coffee vending machine.

    According to guests, this machine makes coffee as good as that produced on an espresso machine.

    We also have a variety of Soda's (soft drinks), water, candies, snacks and "emergency" food at our Front Desk.

    New hourly County Bus service makes us even more accessible Hourly County $2 Bus service makes us even more accessible.
    The County of Hawaii Transit Agency launched a new Monday thru Saturday Hele On bus service for Keaukaha.

    For guests wanting to take the bus into town, they operate every hour from 7:00 in the morning and every hour from 1:35 in the afternoon until 4:40pm to the Mooheau Bus Terminal. If you wish to catch the bus to the Prince Kuhio Plaza, University of Hawaii or the Hilo Shopping Center, you will need to catch the 3:35pm or earlier bus. You can wait on the highway by Arnott's and flag down the bus which varies in size and color but has KEAUKAHA on the sign board.

    The County of Hawaii Mass Transit offers this Two Dollar, island wide bus service on all scheduled routes, however some routes do not run on weekends. Check here for more information...

    Our outreach program for schools and community groups. Arnott's Lodge outreach program for schools and community groups.
    Doug Arnott believes in giving back to our community and encouraging youth education. He is a member of Rotary, the Salvation Army advisory Board, the Better Business Bureau and other community organisations. To this end we provide free or discounted accommodation, tours and donations for worthy groups. The discount depends on the needs and resources of the group and entails a frank discussion with Doug or Glory Guerpo, our Hotel Manager.

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