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Arnotts Lodge is providing the following links in the belief that by facilitating your Big Island stay we will create a more pleasant experience for you. We believe there is enough Big Island and few enough small Hotel operators that we can share our good fortune in attracting travelers like you and enhancing your stay by making it easy for you to arrange your trip. You can also save on car rentals and Inter Island air coupons by reading other sections of this web site, you do not have to stay with us, or visit this Island, for these services.
Aloha......Doug Arnott

Please still consider Arnott's Famous Hawaii Hiking Adventures for your activities in Hilo.

For Professional Photography while in Hawaii, be it a business event, a wedding, or just to document a once in a lifetime experience, take a look at Glory Guerpo's work or contact her directly 

Big Island (Hawaii)Big Island (Hawaii)

  Arnotts Big Island Accommodation Associates:
Arnott's Lodge & Hiking Adventures
Phone: 808 - 969 - 7097

Manago Hotel ... (South Kona)
Phone: 808-323-2642

Koa Wood Hale Inn
Phone: 808-


Put cursor on hotel name to see location.
Waimea Country Lodge

Kohala Village Inn
Phone: (808) 889-0404

HoloHolo Inn
Phone: 808 - 967 - 7950
Fax: 808 - 967 - 8025

Hotel Honokaa Club

  Hostel style accommodation and Camping on the Big Island.

Updated regularly, if you have visited this page before, please read update.

The Big Island has two sides, The Hilo side, where we are located and the Kona side over 120 miles(200km) away. Both Hilo and Kona now have direct mainland flights...Hilo through Continental/United out of SanFrancisco and LA, Kona from many mainland places on many Airlines. To get to Hilo and all the "Green" activities without a long drive or bus ride get these direct flights.

Hilo is the Eco Tour center for Volcanoes National Park and its active Lava flows, Mauna Kea Mountain with the worlds largest Telescopes and incredible views and hikes, all the Valleys and waterfalls, Punaluu Black sand Beach with its Turtles and Puna with its warm springs and great tropical scenery, are on the Hilo side, the things for which the Big Island is famous.

Arnotts is minutes from Hilo Airport, which has reliable taxi service. We have $2County bus service(Except on Sunday) at the corner and $8 a day bikes so you can get around to town, shopping or beaches. Kona Airport is 10 miles from town and Koa Wood Hale (formerly Patey's), and 20 miles from budget priced Manago Hotel. Koa Wood Hale Hostel is on the hill above McDonald's, its URL changes, so Google it up...there are a ton of references. For regular Hotel accommodation in Kona we recommend two older Hotels right in Kona Uncle Billy's and the King Kamehameha Hotel at Kona Pier. None have a shuttle.

Your best bet by far, if you are a backpacker on a budget, and are looking for camping or dormitory accommodation, is to fly in to Hilo from Oahu (Waikiki) or Maui , catch a taxi or walk less than a mile to first traffic light, turn right walk about 200 yards (to where bus can stop) and flag down hourly (last bus 4:00pm) "Keaukaha" bus to our Lodge and plan to do the Lava Hike and the Mauna Kea Summit and Star show. Use our bikes to check out the town, then network with other travelers or ask us questions and get set up sharing rental cars or the $2daily bus system. If your flight lands late in Kona, you need to get to Koa Wood Hale as the once a day bus (except Sunday) to Hilo leaves at 6:30am. There is a network of good campgrounds around the Island including our tenting area at the Lodge (there is no free or county camping anywhere near Hilo).

Come into Hilo get set up, get latest information and permits, and enjoy your stay on the Big Island...

  Eco Adventures:

Arnott's Hiking Adventures

Phone: (808) 969-7097
E Mail:


Hawaii Forest and Trail
... West Hawaii's premier outfitter specializing in Bird watching and hikes on unique trails unavailable to the public.

  If you can't come now these fine Big Island Stores can send a Hawaiian gift to you or a friend.

Glory Guerpo Photography
Whether you're in town for a wedding, honeymoon or just that once in a lifetime trip, why not hire the finest photographer on the island to record your special time.

Downtown Hilo
This site includes lists of eating places, pics of historical buildings and a wealth of information.

Basically Books
Specializes in books on Hawaiiana, History, Maps & info for people moving here, a true resource. See Hilo Downtown on our Picture Gallery.

Destination Hilo
Upcoming/Ongoing events,cultural information around Hilo and the Big Island.

    Woodshop Gallery
Unique Island carving and art. Try the "Extreme Ginger" ice cream.

Big Island Candies
Yum!! One of our favourites. Try chocolate dipped shortbread.

Arnott's Biscuit

Doug Arnott, owner of Arnott's Lodge is a direct descendant of William Arnott who founded Arnott's Biscuits.

The Kohala Center ... is a newly formed, privately funded, and fully independent academic center, located in Waimea on the Island of Hawai'i. The Kohala Center's mission is to sustain the natural environment, strengthen the social fabric, and develop the economy of Hawai'i Island through innovations in research and education.

  Links & Current pictures of Mauna Kea Summit and weather conditions:::
  Mauna Kea Web Cameras
  James Clarke Maxwell
  W.M. Keck Observatory ... Worlds largest and most advanced Telescope.
  Subaru Telescope ... Base Facility Visitor Gallery.

  Kilauea Volcano update at:
  US Geological Survey Volcanos of Hawaii
  Mauna Loa's weather station views of Mauna Kea from Mauna Loa
  Planetary Society
  Hawaii Center for Volcanology ... Excellant research site for eveything about Hawaii's Volcanoes

For current volcano update & pictures go to:
  Kilauea-Eruption Update

The Web's Premier Source of Volcano Information

  Great Ice age rescource site:
  Cracking the Ice Age

  Earth Observatory
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